International companies

We work for some of the best-known brands in the world and over many years have worked with multinationals from most industries.

A Cross-media Vision
We were touting convergence before it became a buzz word. Cross-media campaigns are all the rage these days, but it wasn’t like that when we started producing them in the early 1990s…
In such an environment the expertise and experience we offer is more valuable than ever before. As more and more agencies appear, each offering a cross-media vision, but mostly without the culture to make them work, what you need is a safe pair of very creative hands. Our in-house teams ensure that your project doesn’t become a guinea pig for a new freelance. Each team is used to working with other creatives from different teams.

We are experts at communicating across a number of different media in a way that respects the rules for each medium and helps our clients messages to have impact wherever they are experienced. Our knowledge of multimedia campaigns enables us to create communications that reinforce one another, ensuring that they are the messages with which their targets interact.

Client Service
We believe that communications need to serve each client’s business objectives. We also believe in making the client’s life as easy as possible: we have our own CRM and FTP systems to enable swift transferral of files and work hard to make the client’s life as easy as possible.

We are able to write whole campaigns for all media: from the shortest tagline to the longest public speech. We have written thousands of commercials, corporate videos, speeches and podcasts over the years, covering most industries and national cultures. Contact us for gold standard creativity.

We are not an Ad agency, but we do offer the flexibility, assured quality and efficiency to produce high quality commercials at a lower price. Our in-house video and audio engineers are some of the best-trained in the business and work together day in, day out, and guarantee efficiency and economy. We produce ads designed for TV, banners for the web, audio and video commercials, as well as having a long tradition of graphic design and print advertising. We have produced some of the best-known advertising jingles.

We produce, and often manage, excellent websites and microsites for a variety of international companies. We include SEO as part of this service and put web usability at the heart of all our website design work. Our web expertise has also helped our clients to produce memorable and effective online marketing campaigns.

We produce a number of internal and external corporate magazines and benefit from preferential printing costs.

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