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We offer a unique cross-media viewpoint as well as tried and tested expertise in a number of service areas. We are a trusted partner to some of Europe’s best known agencies as well as smaller boutique agencies, providing outsourced services as well as consultancy on cross-media campaigns:

We are not an ad agency, but we are experienced creatives nonetheless and always add a different perspective for brainstorming sessions. Agencies often outsource particular aspects of the creative process to us and we see our role as being to offer flexible capacity to agencies during peak work flow.

Cross-media Specialists
We are cross media specialists with experience in radio, TV, cinema, online, mobile and print campaigns as well as integrated cross-media campaigns. We help agencies to design integrated campaigns that use combinations of media (such as radio with internet) in a way that adds value, building on each medium’s strengths.

We are able to write whole campaigns for all media. From scripts and taglines to speeches for events. We support ad agencies in adapting their copy using the most effective language for each specific media or even participating in pitches as anonymous creative partners.

At the heart of our business are our post-production teams offering more than 20 years’ experience.
Audio Post – Our audio facility is based around four studios with top quality equipment. Our services include sound and music design, multilingual Voice Over, ADR and Lip Synch Dubbing, making us a perfect and economical post production solution for your radio or video commercial or indeed for ad localisation to any market. We work with all audio formats including Dolby 5.1 up to 7.1.
Video Post – Our team includes editors, compositors, modellers and animators and offers a particular expertise in HD video and digital media. We provide creatively driven solutions including advanced grading, colouring, digital effects, compositing at HD and 2D & 3D motion graphics. We use a combination of software: XSI, Maya, 3ds Max and After Effects.

We offer full production services from audio recording and graphic design to shooting commercials in HD with a full range of different troupes and technical equipment to suit your budget and needs. Most recently we have added 3D HD to our list of services. This new format is the next big thing. We are also able to suggest a diverse range of suitable locations in Italy, Florida, New York and Serbia as alternatives to clichéd destinations.

Pitches and Presentations
Professional multimedia presentations – Our ability to work to tight deadlines and our range of in-house technical creatives enable us to turn basic content or drafts into professional, impactful multimedia presentations. From a PowerPoint presentation to a 3d complex simulation, we can often provide the fresh, but experienced viewpoint to communicate even your most abstract concepts in a way that is accessible to your clients.
BD Live – Using Blu-ray discs we can create an interactive presentation disc that can be updated online even after you have given it to your clients.
Narratives – Our copywriters can help to prepare scripts to suit a particular audience and medium. Our Audio Production team records voiceovers, background music or sound effects. This infrastructure gives us efficient production times and competitive prices.
Storyboards & animatics – we are an economical solution for the provision of professional storyboards and animatics. We can handle any project from pencils to the finished animatic.
Photomatics and videomatics – Our Video Post Production team works with professional photographers and our video production unit to create effective test commercials. The team uses all the tricks including compositing to create an effect as similar to the intended final version as possible.
Credentials – we help agencies with every aspect of their pitches including the creation of professional credential presentations.

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